The Development

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The Maremmana Estate is situated on the banks of the Bot River, some +/- 5 km from the Village of Bot River. The Estate is accessed from the Karwyderskraal Road (R43), +/- 700 meters from the turnoff onto the Karwyderskraal road from the R43 to Hermanus. See Maremmana Estate Map & Plans.  Development of the estate commenced in 2002 and in August 2008 the first properties on the estate were transferred to their new owners.

The Maremmana Estate is 51,6 hectares or 516,000 square meters in size. There are 50 individual stands of 400 square meters with an exclusive use area of another 600 square meters around each stand – a total property size thus of 1000 square meters. The nearest neighbour to any one property will be between 60 and 100 meters away, which ensures greater privacy and enhances the “open space” feeling. There is a Common area of 46,6 hectares that belongs to all homeowners. The common area of the estate contains a large 70,000 cubic meter dam (70 million litres of water) and has tree lined concrete strip roads that give access to the 50 properties. The residential portion of the estate is enclosed with a 2.4 meter high electrified fence. Outside this secure area is a further 15 hectares of the estate designated for paddocks, communal gardens and/ or Nature Reserve. 

A Trustee Committee appointed by the home owners is responsible for the operation and management of the Estate. The Estate contains its own water purification plant, its own sewerage package plant and derives electricity directly from Eskom. These domestic resources and the development and maintenance of the entire common area of the Estate are all managed and controlled by the Trustee Committee. The construction of homes on the Estate is governed by an  Maremmana Architectural & Urban Design Controls_26-3-2018 together with a Building Contractors Code of Conduct.  The Architectural guidelines aim toward the traditional Cape Barn or Longhouse building form, yet encourages the simplicity of contemporary interpretation.

Looking to buy?

Only resales of original plots are currently available for purchase. Please consult local estate agents for further details or view Property 24 searching by Maremmana Estate for a summary listing of any available plots and houses.

All viewings are by appointment only via the seller and their authorised estate agent.